Old Greenwood, Truckee
(Purple Echinacea)

Green Envy, Inc. has over 13 years of landscape development experience within the greater Tahoe and Truckee areas. Green Envy, Inc. is a full service provider of all levels of landscape construction including retaining walls, boulder naturalization, water features, fire pits, irrigation, large tree planting, garden development, lawn installation, mulching, organic fertilization and Best Management Practice (BMP) installation. Green Envy, Inc. possesses large machinery to facilitate most project needs, and our bilingual staff has been with us from the beginning of our business. The use of premium materials and experienced installation provide a refined finished product. Green Envy, Inc. is proud to assert that strong references and very little marketed advertising has given rise to our well developed reputation.


Old Greenwood, Truckee
(native Sierra Currant shrub)

Maintenance is a critical component to ensuring the quality of a completed landscape. Whether the landscape maintenance involves irrigation inspections, required BMP cleanings or lawn mowing, the efforts will provide a beatified landscape for years to come. Green Envy, Inc. provides all levels of Landscape Maintenance Services including:

  • Spring clean up services
  • Irrigation activation, irrigation winterization, maintenance, modifications and repairs
  • Lawn mowing, lawn maintenance and lawn repairs
  • Seasonal fine gardening for flowering plants
  • General off haul of debris
  • Winter landscape preparation services (including tree and shrub wrapping to lawn and patio furniture storage to boat storage services)
  • General planting, additions or transplanting
  • Seasonal flower planting
  • Water auditing services
  • Certified Backflow Testing
  • Organic Fertilization of landscape grounds

Custom and standard maintenance services are available. Seasonal Maintenance Agreements have defined the turnkey services offered by Green Envy, Inc. for over 10 years. Please contact us about your specific needs and we will gladly direct you to the most cost effective and beneficial services we can offer.


Grey's Crossing Residence, Truckee


All landscape or improvement projects begin with some form of design. Green Envy, Inc. can provide the design tools to develop any idea into a desired finished product. In association with design staff, both conceptual and formal design plans can be produced for a multitude of in-ground projects, both big and small. Design development can be performed for landscape, best management practices (BMP), water features, retaining walls, restoration development or a collaborative of projects within a property. Please feel free to contact us for you specific design needs. Green Envy, Inc.'s design staff and associates have over 20 years of local knowledge and experience.

Betty Anderson-Fulda Landscape Design
provides the majority
of our design work.

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Green Envy, Inc. has 13 years of BMP design, development and maintenance experience to serve you. Green Envy, Inc. is one of 14 business is the Tahoe Basin to be identified by Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) as achieving a Certified Evaluator (CEV) status. As a CEV contracted business, we can provide TRPA certified Site Evaluations from our office. Additionally we can install and maintain any BMP infrastructure necessary for your property. We have specialized in difficult lake front installations. Currently, we are working with a number of lakefront homeowners attempting to achieve BMP Certification as required by current TRPA lake mooring and buoy permitting requirements.

Green Envy, Inc. has also worked side by side with BMP development associated with pier modification projects to residential TRPA BMP compliance. Green Envy, Inc. can also install pre-grade required temporary BMP's. Green Envy, Inc. has been awarded three Best in the Basin awards by the TRPA for its work in the BMP field, most recently the 2007 Best in the Basin award for BMP Retrofit Project. With well over 100 residential and commercial BMP installations to our credit, Green Envy, Inc. also guarantees TRPA certification with all Tahoe Basin BMP projects. Green Envy, Inc. prides itself on a "one stop shop" ideal, we can design, implement and provide certification for any size BMP project that is presented to us.

Lake Tahoe is located at the bottom of a very deep basin. There are 63 streams and tributaries that flow into the lake and only 1 that flows out. This means that dirt, lawn chemicals and runoff (among other things) are flowing into the lake, but very little is flowing back out of it. These nutrients feed the algae growing in the lake and cause the cloudiness and loss in clarity.


Tahoe Tree Company/
Green Envy, Inc.

Green Envy, Inc. offices are located at McBrides Nursery in the Tahoe Tree Company building in Tahoe City, California. Founded in 1954, McBrides Nursery is the largest and longest family owned and operated nursery in the Sierra Nevada region. McBrides Nursery is located on a 10 acre property in the heart of Tahoe City and is well known for growing an extensive selection of hardy and unique perennials, locally adapted flowering plants, native trees and shrubs. Beautiful artistic household amenities, gifts, hand made crafts and garden supplies are housed in the beautiful 6400 square foot log building.

Green Envy, Inc. and the staff at McBride’s Nursery would be happy to direct you to the garden or household supplies offered here. If you have a few minutes (or maybe an hour) take the time to tour the properties mature gardens, water features and gazebo area. You may have the luck of bumping into the founder, Dave McBride, or some of the native wildlife in the Tahoe basin.

McBrides Nursery is open April through November, closing during the winter months. Please contact Green Envy, Inc. if you would like a tour of the nursery grounds. McBrides Nursery and Green Envy, Inc. provide a fantastic opportunity for hands-on visual representation of plants and trees that may be selected for your next landscape project.

We work with Tahoe Tree Company very closely. It supplies all of our plant materials.


Cedar's Arm

Green Envy, Inc.s experience with the TRPA, BMPs, local code enforcement and excavation digging date limitations have given rise to consulting services. With a well educated staff of designers, ecologists and landscape professionals, Green Envy, Inc. can provide assistance with logistically difficult projects. Typically, Green Envy, Inc. consults with regard to lakefront property BMP compliance, however has expanded with consultation services within landscape design, restoration services.


Tahoe Donner Residence, Truckee

Currently Under Development: Please check back soon.

Green Envy, Inc. specializes in natural feeling and native landscaping, design, Best Management Practices (BMP) and restoration: dry stacked retaining walls, patios, mortar set rock work, fire pits, irrigation systems, lawn development, large tree plantings, perrenial flowering gardens and all forms of landscape maintenance.
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